Dear Diary




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The original focus of this domain was to write about reading, writing my first novel and random topics that inspired me – but not enough did. Amazingly, while ducking work on my blog, I doggedly transcribed my handwritten diaries – dating back to December 1963 – into a digital journal.

CalendarThere are portions of those journals I don’t want anybody to read, ever. There are also passages that might be of interest to baby boomers, fellow diarists or even millennials.

Much of the legwork (since my life was my research) was completed decades ago. Being a tad obsessive-compulsive, I wrote every day for most of my life which resulted in thousands of entries.

Every three or four days, I’ll reproduce the same day in a previous year supplemented by photos and anything else I find.


The blog portion will be my 2016/2017 perspective on what transpired in the past.

I’ll skip around in time to give myself a wider selection of topics. If and when I accumulate enough bits and pieces, I’ll put them in chronological order.  Occasionally, I’ll post non-diary blogs but my primary focus will be excavating the past and examining it in light of the present.

The REPRISE section of this site focuses on the world of my novel-in-progress and features some of my hard-won research on LA in the sixties (most of which I culled from the internet. If you’re interested, you’ll find a lot of information here in one convenient location.)


I’m building a photo gallery of sixties fashions worn by real people so if you’ve got photos you’d like to share, please send them. Currently, a disproportionate number of photos feature me so I’m in need of fresh faces.


Your comments and memories are always welcome! After I approve your first comment, future comments will post immediately on the site. (If I didn’t screen the initial comment, the site would drown in spam.)


It isn’t easy for a Lutheran preacher’s kid like myself to reveal this much personal information or write at such length about myself. For some reason I can’t explain, I’ve got a strong feeling – maybe only a hope – that this is worth doing. I hope a few of you agree.