On May 5, 1970, Ronald Reagan was governor of California. If you’d told me that in eleven years, he’d be President of the United States I never would’ve believed it.

I would have been equally surprised that the answer to my question – what is going to happen in this country? – turned out to be, not much. Sure, there were a few more rounds of revolutionary noise in the next couple years but nothing really changed. The revolution was a dud. If anything, the social/political climate took a hard right by the end of the decade when Reagan was elected president.

Whether I’m cynical or simply apathetic, I don’t invest emotionally in politics. Maybe my college experience has something to do with that. The students in Meyerhoff Park cared passionately – it just didn’t matter. Ultimately, in the words of the Eagles song Sad Café….

Things chnage slowly

Besides, I don’t like to argue. If I cared more, I’d be forced to fight with somebody about something. I do my duty and vote but I save my passionate love and hate for things that matter more to me – like books and movies. And, for the record, I still loathe Godard.