I didn’t write down any details about the concert but all Springsteen shows are great. This was his first tour for the River album. Even before the backstage drama started, it felt like there were so many subplots going on that it was hard to focus on the show on stage. I was acutely aware this wasn’t my natural habitat; I did not belong. I was tagging along as a guest, which made me feel pressured to be a good enough guest.



In a less rarified atmosphere, this would’ve obliged me to strive to be entertaining. Here, that would’ve been rude, desperate and out of place. The last thing any of these big stars wanted was an unknown like me talking too much and laughing too loud. The best thing I could do – and the only thing I felt capable of doing – was to be Cindy’s Midge, the forgettable friend who knows her limitations, hence would never dream of competing with Barbie.



For an unforgettable experience, it’s oddly hard to recall this night. I’m glad I wrote down some details – otherwise I’d almost feel like it never happened. At least I have the pictures we took in the limo to prove it.