January 17, 2007

What if it had been a serial killer? Remarkably, given my paranoid fantasies about scenarios such as this, I’ve never formulated a plan for survival. I have no idea what S and I would, or could, do. It would probably be prudent to learn how to change my own tire but since I haven’t done so yet, it seems unlikely.

Changing Tires for DummiesA woman stranded on a remote highway in the dead of night is a trope in thriller/horror movies – hopefully, not for good reason (I have no statistics). Most of the time (although not always), contemporary fictional heroines survive without the aid of a man. In the process, they discover hidden reservoirs of cunning and strength.

S and I - unlikely to take on armed marauders.
S and I – unlikely to take on armed marauders.

Should I find myself in similar jeopardy, I suspect the ending would be less satisfying (at least for me.) I’d be too frightened to scream and I can’t think of anything else to do. Take a martial arts course, maybe? Much like learning to change a tire, it seems unlikely.

Breakdown, Hitcher, Duel, Vanishing

Fortunately, stories like those told in Breakdown, the Vanishing, the Hitcher and Duel are far less common than real-life tales about kind strangers, willing to help change a tire.

A Good Deed