Fishing with the family
Fishing with the family

July11, 1966

Me and my sisters in Iowa in 1966
My sisters and I in Iowa with Grandpa and cousins in 1966

 My sisters and I loved these bi-annual trips to Iowa to see our relatives – we loved everything about it, except the. heat, humidity and mosquitos. We spent most of our time in the coolest part of everyone’s house – always, the basement. Even there, you could break a sweat lying still and reading in bed. In the sixties, everybody had fans but nobody had air-conditioning.

Family, then - I can't begin to accurately tag!
Family, then – I can’t begin to accurately tag!

My grandfather wasn’t a man to disagree with. My sister Joyce didn’t like candy corn. On one of our Iowa visits, I noticed her eating it. “I thought you didn’t like candy corn,” I said. “If Grandpa says you like candy corn, you like candy corn,” she replied.

Three generations together in 1966
Three generations together in 1966

Grandpa said we’d like fishing, so there we were – not liking it, which he didn’t like. He didn’t like our queasiness about worms or how we squealed at the sight of a hooked fish flopping around the bottom of the boat. We might have been born Midwesterners, but by 1966 all three of us were California city girls, through and through.

I'm the sullen Iowa girl at right - I've never been to California - By 1966, I'm a sophisticated California girl!
I’m the sullen Iowa girl at right – I’ve never been to California – By 1966, I’m a sophisticated California girl!