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“I used to Rule the world”

For two glorious years and two days, anyway. As the eldest child of doting parents, I reveled in my brief reign. For two years and two days, every photograph shows me smiling and confident. All that changed with the unexpected (at least to me) birth of my sister Janet. My naive parents expected me to be thrilled. Clearly, they failed to grasp my true nature. Howling with pain and rage, I ran outside but where could I go? I was two.

I implored them to take her back to the hospital. Some people allege I shoved her baby carriage down a flight of stairs but there is no proof. What is indisputable is that I’m a different child after Janet. Post-apocalypse pix reveal a fearful, pensive, alienated,angry girl. But pictures are worth a thousand words.
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Having pondered this tragic fall from grace most of my adult life, I believe my two year old brain concluded I so thoroughly bored my parents they replaced me with a more entertaining baby. The sentence for being dull was loss of love. Naturally, I became a performing seal, frantic to entertain at all costs or face abandonment. On the plus side, I’ll work my ass off not to bore readers of this page.

This will not be the typical back-of-a-book-jacket bio. If you want facts – my credits uncluttered by colorful anecdotes – click on the link to my imdb page. Otherwise, buckle up and board my time machine. Since 1963 I’ve kept diaries and I will share highlights (and low points) as well as yellowed notes passed in high school corridors. If you’ve read this far – thanks, and I hope I passed the audition!