The dresses my sisters and I are wearing are EXTREMELY typical of how we were dressed most of the time – a kind of plaid Bavarian look.


From left to right, starting at top row, Natalie Nilsen, Susan Tanaka, Donna Duncan, moi, Loretta Dirks, Julie Farnham and Sandy Walker (Hegwood). Actually, the bottom row is my sister Janet’s friends – we had to share birthday parties then – I recognize her (dead center, in red and white check blouse). To her immediate left, Kathy Neighbur  (and maybe Debbie Neel at far left?) On her right, Roseanne Provenzano and – far right – Susan Campbell.


More Plaid Bavarian (above) plus the dress I wore when I graduated from eighth grade (below) and a Sunday church dress (probably my best dress) to man the guestbook at my grandparents wedding anniversary (below that). Note hideous hairdo.



And, of course, there were always uniforms of one kind or another – in this case, the Jefferson Jr. High school band uniform, during the days I played oboe.  Janet, eyes closed, and Joyce, apparently frozen in fear, wear the family favorite Bavarian look.